The importance of Power Factor Correction (PFC)

In an electrical network it is important to minimize the losses in order to reduce the costs of the operation. Before sizing the PFC equipment we perform a measurement according to standard EN 50160. Beyond the needed data for sizing it provides almost all the electrical parameters. According to the results (if needed) we deliver our PFC equipment with damping reactors to reduce the disturbance of harmonics and to avoid the possible faults.

The “HEKA” automatic PFC equipment – developed by our company – can offer a solution regardless of the size of the load. During the manufacturing based on our decades long experience we use the best quality parts (EPCOS, Janitza, Eaton, Mersen, Phoenix Contact). For this reason we provide one year full warranty for all PFC equipment manufactured by Hunyadi Ltd.

We always try to fulfill the needs of our customers, e.g. we can assemble the equipment in different branded switchboxes, or the size and the steps can be chosen by the customer as well. Because of its unique reliability we have used the Janitza PROPHI PFC controller for more than ten years. We use ICAR’s PFC controller when the cost effectiveness is important but the quality is also a priority.

The wide spread of electronics caused a change in the habit of customers. On one hand there is a growing amount of loads which are sensitive for the power quality on the other hand they might be network “pollutant” as well. These issues are manageable and it is necessary to manage them because of economical and reliability reasons.

Reduction of the reactive power taken by the load

A penalty is paid by the customer for the consumed reactive energy. For this reason and to avoid the possible unwanted technical consequences, the customers locally install “sources” for the demand of reactive energy. The application of “local sources” provides the reliable and economical operation of the electrical network for both the utility’s and customer’s side.

The most “convenient” way of controlling the reactive energy demand is to provide static reactive sources i.e. PFC equipment (or individual capacitor).

We offer a wide spectrum of solutions from the simple individual capacitor to the most modern 10ms response time thyristor switched PFC equipment which is suitable for fast changing loads.

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