Hunyadi Kft. was founded by Mr. Sandor Hunyadi in Debrecen, Hungary in the year 1983. After Mr. Sandor Hunyadi the founder retired from the company, his son, Jr. Sandor Hunyadi took over as general manager.

In the year 2000. Hunyadi Kft. opened its office in Budapest and in other cities around Hungary. In 2005. the Romanian office (s.c.HKSYS srl.) was founded in Cluj Napoca. In 2008. Mr. Sandor Hunyadi’s younger son Mr. Laszlo Hunyadi founded our office (Bring Solution ltd.) in the UK.

In 2006. the headquarter of the company was taken from Debrecen to Budapest to satisfy the Hungarian and international customer needs from a central management office. The manufacturing, purchase and local sales center remained in the east Hungarian town of Debrecen.

As a family company, Hunyadi Kft. is a leading energetic service provider, electric panel and  power factor capacitor banks manufacturer, general electric contractor, electric solution provider, showing significant upwards tendencies. Traditional values such as continuity and reliability are of great interest to our customers along with innovative technology and products together with a rapid, professional service.

The possibility of allocating energy costs, reliable power quality, clear and optimized utility contracts, renewable energy management are becoming more and more important to industrial, agricultural, real estate operating companies. Hunyadi Kft. has also solutions to the reduction of expensive peak demand control and the compensation of reactive power which have immediate effect on the electricity bill.

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