Energy Monitoring

In case of operation of  factories, industrial plants, shopping malls, office centers, agricultural plants the measurement of each plants, divisions, individual machines, determination of electrical parameters, data collection, monitoring of threshold limits, become more and more important.
You don’t need to leave the office to optimize your energy consumption. The quality and quantity of the measured values let the energy manager to easily discover the energy wasting loads and cut the energy costs.

Different sites could be connected over the internet and the measured values can be displayed simultaneously. Energy saving measures are not effective without measuring the consumption. Even the installation of measuring devices and monitoring of the consumption by the employees may result 5-15% energy savings.

Hunyadi Ltd. is the official and exclusive distributor of Janitza products in Hungary. We have delivered complete solutions for customers such as

  • GE Hungary
  • Siemens Power Engineering Ltd.
  • Auchan Hungary
  • Media Markt Hungary
  • etc.
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Hunyadi Ltd. not only distributes, but actively uses Janitza products. In the area of power factor correction we use Janitza controllers, in the area of power analyzation we use the UMG power quality analyzers and at evaluation we use the GridVis data collecting and reporting softver.

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