To improve the reliability and safety of the electrical network first we have to measure and measure!


We offer electrical measurement of low and medium voltage networks (power quality analysis). Our experienced team is always on hand to help.

  • Regarding the aim of the measurement it can support the energy management when the active and reactive power is measured according to the billing period (e.g. 15 min).
  • Or it helps in sizing of the Power Factor Correction equipment.
  • We perform a measurement according to the EN 50160:2011 standard when we search for faults caused by power quality issues.

With our devices the following parameters can be measured:

  • General electrical values (voltage, current, power, energy). Voltage and current harmonics up to the 63rd sequence and THD.
  • Voltage dip, voltage rise and other transients or flicker can be recorded.
  • Temperature measurement with PT100 resistance.
  • Measurements with thermal camera.
  • Light measurement.
  • Measurement of analogue signals.
  • Measurement of digital signals.


    The measurement report includes the graphs captured by our power analyzer devices and its description and suggestions which may help solving the original issue.

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